1. What is Gift2Needy?

Gift2Needy(G2N) is a unique concept to get Help OR Help Someone using a ‘FREE GLOBAL CLASSIFIEDS’ as a platform. Gift2Needy.com is launched with a purpose to help individuals to come together and share / trade with each other. From furniture’s or automobiles to promoting one’s business, Gift2Needy.com helps individuals with all types of needs. We are sharing your dreams with others to improve the future. Gift2Needy is also like barter system where two people can exchange goods or any other things without paying money. It is a system where people can help by exchanging goods, products or any other food and basic essential requirements without paying money.

2. Is Gift2Needy free?

Yes, Gift2Needy is FREE. You only need to pay for the few services that you may use like the Featured/ Highlighted Listings, Mobile Recharge etc.

3. Do I have to pay extra charges for using Mobile Recharge?

All services on Gift2Needy are free. No extra charges apart from any service charges if applicable.

4. How do I find an item at Gift2Needy?

You can Browse listings when you’re not sure what you’re looking for, or when you simply want to explore the range of items on Gift2Needy or in a particular category. Click on Categories and Subcategories and if you find an item you’re interested in, just click on the item title. You can also Search for items when you are looking for a specific item that you can describe using a few words. In this case, simply go to the search box, enter a few words describing what you are looking for, select a category and click the “Search” magnifying glass. A search results page of Gift2Needy listings will be displayed. Review your search results pages and if you see something you’re interested in, just click on the item title.

5. What kind of postings are forbidden / not allowed on Gift2Needy?

Gift2Needy prohibits the listing or sale of any items that are illegal, under any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation at local, state, provincial, national or international law. The following type of listings are prohibited on Gift2Needy site: Postings of any franchise, pyramid scheme, “club membership”, multi-level marketing, distributorship or sales representatives arrangement or other business opportunity which requires an up front of periodic payment, requires recruitment of other member, sub-distributors or sub-agents, or pays commissions only (except for postings that make clear that the available job pays commission only and clearly describes the product or service that the job seeker would be selling, in which case such postings may be permissible).

Other items that are specifically prohibited include: Alcoholic Beverages, Blood, Bodily Fluids and Body Parts Burglary Tools Counterfeit currency, stamps or coins Counterfeit Products Electronic Surveillance Equipment Embargoed Goods Government and Transit Uniforms, IDs and Licenses Illegal Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia All type of illegal services and products. Hazardous Materials Fireworks, Destructive Devices and Explosives Identity Documents, Personal Financial Records and Personal Information (in any form, including mailing lists) Items which encourage or facilitate illegal activity Lottery Tickets, Sweepstakes Entries and Slot Machines Obscene Material and all types of Pornography All type of offensive material Pesticides Pictures or images that contain frontal nudity Police and Other Security Forces Badges and Uniforms Prescription Drugs and Devices Recalled items Stocks and Other Securities Stolen Property Tobacco Products Used Cosmetics Weapons and related items (such as firearms, firearm parts and magazines, ammunition, BB and pellet guns, tear gas, stun guns, switchblade knives, and martial arts weapons).

6. Is it safe to give my credit card details online?

Sure it is. We adopt stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your personal information and your credit card details, are protected.

7. How safe is my personal information with Gift2Needy?

We are committed to protecting your personal information with us. For more details, please do read our Privacy Policy.

8. What if my address or phone number changes?

You can always update your profile & keep your details updates.

9. How can I be cautious to scam/fraud ads?

You can always follow the following Do’s & Don’ts:
Do’s… Always meet with the seller in person and inspect the items before buying. Always report any suspicious ads by emailing us Always ignore ads that appear too good to be true … they most likely are. Always call a business to verify that a sale or coupon is legitimate Always research companies online before accepting “work at home” positions with them.

Dont’s… Never send money through services like Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal, or BidPay. Never accept any cashier’s checks or money orders from unknown parties. Never pay for absurd shipping & delivery charges for “free” items or pets. Never blindly trust sellers who claim to be out of the country. Never provide sellers your personal information, such as social security number, credit card number, bank account number, your mother’s maiden name, etc. Never pay a security deposit for an apartment without first receiving the keys. Never send money to a supposed “work-at-home” employer. Never let your emotions get the best of you. Scammers will try to tug at your heart strings with touching stories to get you to give them your money. The stories are almost always fiction. Remember, this is a financial transaction not a charitable donation.


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